5 Ways Organizations Can Benefit From a Wayfinding System

Are you lost? Or perhaps, the more pressing question is, are you losing your customers?

If your organization is in a topsy-turvy state of affairs, effective wayfinding design systems and mapping services will surely help you get back on track.

The Right Way

Sometimes, companies lose a lot – interest, customers, profits – simply because their physical environment is not conducive for doing business. Regardless if it is a hospital, a mall, or a whole entertainment city, a relaxing environment is crucial to attaining the goal of satisfying the people who frequent the place.

The primary purpose of an organization is to create customers, according to Peter Drucker, Father of Management Thinking and one of the world’s most influential minds when it comes to helping businesses thrive. Even if you are a non-profit group, you still have customers to serve and satisfy. If these people are not impressed by your ability to manage things – even something as basic as giving the proper direction – then your brand will be greatly compromised.

Wayfinding and mapping are two important factors in creating a physical environment that will put both organizational staff and its external public at ease. Mapping services, for example, can not only direct people to the right places, but can also provide a host of information that is beneficial to the users. It provides a bird’s-eye view of a whole network or, if the user so prefers, just a particular set of data to serve their specific purpose.

On the other hand, wayfinding systems offer brands and companies a slew of advantages. Here are some of the top benefits that wayfinding design can offer your organization:

1. It provides clear guidance

Buildings, spaces, and other physical structures can be quite daunting to explore, especially for first-time visitors. Colossal complexes and expansive estates can be labyrinthine to some people. Even academic or medical institutions can appear to be a maze of halls and passages that one can get lost in.

Primarily instructive in nature, a wayfinding system is a clear solution for directing people wherever they need to go in a fast, efficient manner. It can facilitate faster travel with geographical indicators and markers. Using visual aids such as graphic materials, signages, and typography, this system provides distinct guides that reduce the time and stress involved in going from point A to point B.

2. It creates strong brand identity

You can also reinforce your brand identity with the help of wayfinding systems. Working together with a reputable and creative wayfinding consultancy group will certainly help you discern the most effective way to incorporate your brand in wayfinding signages and structures.

Aside from being instructional, these wayfinding systems can also be decorative and visually stimulating. With the imaginative use of your brand logo, color scheme, or typography, directional systems can lend a consistent vibe all throughout your property. Additionally, wall graphics, window displays, and 3D signages can also do the job.

This uniform look and feel can strengthen your brand personality that will surely get noticed and felt by your intended audience.

3. It highlights points of interest

Innovative wayfinding systems can also highlight specific points of interest or importance. Hospitals, for example, need attention-grabbing visuals for their wayfinding systems since life-and-death situations take place there. Pathways towards the emergency room must be clearly marked so that medical attention can be provided as swiftly as possible wherever it is needed.

Special attractions and facilities in parks and recreational spaces are also examples of locations where wayfinding is a key component. Easily noticeable wayfinding tools can greatly help people to get to the nearest area that interests them the most, heightening customer satisfaction and enhancing brand equity.

In addition, retail spaces can greatly benefit from wayfinding systems. A thorough understanding of the brand and customer can lead wayfinding architects to design an efficient system that will allow the consumer to bask in the whole retail experience. Strategic placement of wayfinding systems will lead the customer to promotional items or special offers, for example. Using special decorative and directional signages, color, and typography in certain places can help highlight interest zones as well.

4. It complements existing structures

Some companies already have existing edifices. However, this does not mean that they cannot take advantage of wayfinding systems. The expertise of wayfinding system specialists can lend their artistic minds to designing signages or directional marks that will complement the present structure.

Ceiling and floor directional signs and graphics can add to the present space design to help guide people to their destination.

5. It increases productivity

Since these wayfinding design systems efficiently cut down on the amount of time required to go from one place to another, they are also a contributing factor for productivity. Aside from reducing time spent walking in circles, the systems can also lessen stress. Employees will get to their tasks without a hitch and customers can also have easy access to their desired location.

A wayfinding system also gives a person the self-confidence to walk around in unfamiliar surroundings. There will be no need to ask around for directions as there are enough directional signs to lead you to the right path.

All mapped out

Wayfinding systems and mapping services can strengthen an organization’s brand identity, improve the customer journey, and enhance one’s experience. If you want to boost your business, it is best to secure the services of a professional wayfinding system company and grab the benefits it affords you. Talk to our team at DezignTechnic today.

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