Yas Mall

Mall Signage Design for Yas Mall

Yas Mall is the largest mall on Yas Island Abu Dhabi offering an incredible shopping, dining and entertainment experience for residents and tourists alike, all under one roof. We created mall signage design that would fit the character of this prestigious space.

Designing Yas Mall was an enormous creative challenge. The existing shopping mall signage had to be transformed into a working system that people can rely on.

Our team was eager to rectify the wayfinding system and come up with a distinct industrial design.

The end result was a tailor-made wayfinding system, a timeless design that matches the motif of yas mall, with a laser focus on the material choice and clarity of messages through a distinct wayfinding strategy.

As a result, the mall saw an increase of circulation in quiet areas. Our wayfinding signage solutions inspired Yas Mall users to navigate the diverse development with ease, enabling them to move with more confidence and discover more.