Mapping Services

A tailor built schematic map revealing the inner flows of a bustling metropolis in all its beauty, complexity and potentiality. The digital map design doesn’t only show what there is but also what could be, it illustrates reality and hints at potentiality.

This achievement is the result of the newly formed partnership between signage and wayfinding consultancy DezignTechnic (Dubai) and mapping expert architect Jug Cerovic (Paris). We have embraced the challenge of mapping Dubai to demonstrate our unique combined capacity, skills and ambition.

A map is not only an information diagram, it is a subjective communication tool. It shows only data that you chose to display on it and highlights the elements you desire to emphasize. Google is not the only online mapping platform around, there are many others like Here, Apple and OpenStreetMap, yet none of them will show you an entire bus network in all its details and intricacies.

None of them is able today to generate such a map in an automated way, and so this task still requires expert human design. We succeed in this challenge by providing enhanced mapping services and producing tailor-made, handcrafted maps that rely on human talent.

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