Kuwait Children’s Hospital – KCH

signage system & wayfinding design for kuwait children’s hospital

Kuwait’s newest tertiary children’s hospital will be the largest hospital of its kind in the world. It features a total of 792 beds that will suit all medical needs and methods of treatment. DezignTechnic provided Kuwait children’s hospital (KCH) with hospital wayfinding solutions and directional signs aligned with the facility’s needs.

We developed a unique hospital signage system for KCH, coordinating closely with the architect and the interior designer to conceptualize a one-of-a-kind signage system.

We start by illustrating the conceptual design, ensuring the signage forms work seamlessly with the interior design, making the signage an integrated part of the environment.

Digital Signage is a main component of the signage system, ensuring user friendliness and access to different parts of KCH.

Applying the forms to different sign types ensuring a sleek transition between sign typologies.

Implementing graphics and ensuring successful circulation in the car park is key to a successful signage system.