La Mer Dubai

La Mer – Signage & Wayfinding Design

Conceptualizing the wayfinding signage system for La Mer was a unique challenge since La Mer integrates minimalist and contemporary design, spread across 9.5 million square feet of existing and reclaimed land.

Comprising four distinct zones – the beach, a leisure and entertainment hub, north island, and south island – La Mer is one of the most unique places to visit in Dubai.

From the arriving experience until the final destination, the signage design have to live up to this unique experience.

Reclaimed materials and repurposed items is how we approached this project, thinking in a completely different way to output a unique wayfinding design and signage system.

Focusing on reclaimed wood to design our pedestrian directional signage and ensuring that the signage fabricators are up to the task was in its own a huge achievement.


The challenge was to add graphic elements to the entire development. With the help from Meraas’s Studio M, we managed to configure a one-of-a-kind visual language for the La Mer carpark.