Quran Park

wayfinding signage for quran park

Quranic Park project is a pioneering modern, cultural project that emerges from the cultural and scientific achievements of Islam. The park is a wonderful opportunity to explain the meanings and miracles that the holy Quran contained in the scientific and medical fields. The park signage design must exude the same look and feel as the park itself.

The wayfinding signage system had to be a unique representation of the Islamic approach to design, as we learned more about the meanings of the components of the park we were able to create something truly special.

Diferent elements of the park require the signage to change, such as the glasshouse, a bio-dome that contains many different species of plants that exist in the holy Quran.

We had different elements from the Quran represented in the park, and we had to ensure that we inform users of the large and diverse miraculous stories through the signage system using static and digital signs to do so.

As a result, the signage system is the main element of the park allowing users to comfortably explore and learn more about the Quran and different elements mentioned in it.